Jason Wagner

Owner, Mix and Recording Engineer

At age 12 Jason began playing saxophone in school band, after a few years he switched to guitar and began playing out with his first rock band at age 15. During recording sessions with the different bands he discovered a love for the art of recording and mixing. In 1999 he purchased his first Protools system and began recording musicians other than his projects.

For 20 years Jason has been honing his skills and acquiring studio equipment, and is currently in the process of building the 4th incarnation of Sonic Conscious Studio. A 1300 sq ft commercial facility located in Denver, CO. Designed by world renown studio designer Sam Berkow from SIA Acoustics, the new location will be up and running early 2019 and will be one of Denver's finest recording studios. 

Jason's approach for Sonic Conscious Studio is to build and operate a studio he would want to record in. Being a musician, he fully understands the frustrations and hurdles other musicians experience while recording. The studio was built to create a space where musicians will feel comfortable and confident in the work being done. Every project is given 100%  and will be treated as if it's his own music.

Jason Wagner - recording and mix engineer - Denver, CO

Jason Wagner - recording and mix engineer - Denver, CO